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The total economic impact of the World Children's Center during the first 10 years of its construction and operation is estimated at $450 million*.
The construction of the Center will create:
- 325 jobs per year over the 10-year period,
- increase local spending on taxable items resulting in income generated from these jobs of
  approximately $2,927 million per year, and
- an estimated $966,150 in additional tax revenue from this increased spending.
The annual operations of the Center are expected to generate:
- 200 new jobs within the first several years increasing to 400 jobs in 2017 (positions include
  "foster/surrogate" families, school teachers, facility coordinators, maintenance staff, support   staff personnel, etc.).
- an average increase in local spending in the amount of $1.7 million annually, and
- $510,000 in additional tax revenue from this increased spending.
* Economic Impact Analysis of Construction and Operation performed by Columbus State University Michael J. Daniels, Ph.D.

Success and Sustainability

World Children's Center is committed to a diversified funding base, which is estimated as follows:

Private Sector Support/Donations 62%
Public Venues 17%
Program Income 12%
Public Sector Support 9%  (for programs and services)

To ensure stability, the World Children's Center will build and endow the community simultaneously.

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